How Does a Professional Wedding Videographer Look Like?

wedding videographer HampshireA professional wedding videographer Hampshire can make it all different and you only have one chance to choose the right guy!

Wedding videography is a complicated and creativity-driven activity that not just anyone with a camera can do. We all can shoot videos with our phones, but no app can help us edit videos like a professional. Everything boils down to how creative the editor is.

That is why it is very important that you know the kind of videographer you want.

Professional and not cheap

Believe us when we say that being a videographer isn’t easy. One has to remain in the room for a long time, taking various shots of the scenes, not knowing specifically the shots that can be used later. A videographer will then edit the videos one by one, merge scenes, slip in interview scenes, direct the sound and music in the background to create a coherent movie.

Depending on your style, the editing process gets more complicated. Cinematic style requires the most editing process and is usually the most expensive of all. From hours of shooting, only a 30-minute to one-hour video length can be produced.

This whole process takes a lot of time from the videographer. And ultimately, you are making use of the creativity that this videographer has and cannot be offered by any other. We don’t see it worth risking your wedding videos by asking just any editors to do the job.

Have portfolios

These professional videographers also have the proofs to show you. The portfolios can help you see the quality of the videos and the style of the videographer. For example, you can see some excellent samples by a wedding videographer Hampshire in

There should be more than just one or two portfolios. Consistency in quality is something that must exist in your videographer. You can’t gamble that there is a 70% chance he is going to do well with yours. A lot of videographers who seem like they are good actually uploaded only some coincidentally well-edited videos. They are not really that consistent in quality.

Videographers that own a lot of portfolios also show that they have the necessary experience to work on your well. Experience is a very important factor that we all understand today. They know which part of the wedding they need to shoot, and the agility to do so quickly.

Listens to you

In wedding videography, every videographer must possess the ability to listen to their client. If they don’t, they will never know which part of the wedding you love the most. They will never know your special requests or how you want the video to look like. They will never know if the edits so far are good enough or if you want something else in it.

A wedding videographer Hampshire must listen to his client and let them express their concern. If the guy you are talking to seems to be only interested in how much you can pay and offer his packages, that’s a sign that you should reconsider hiring this person.

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