Ways to Add Creativity To Your Pictures as a Photographer Kent

photographer KentCreativity is the heartbeat of every photographer Kent. With creativity, we could turn any shot that we take into a unique and valuable one for our clients. That being said, it is important to get creative with our shots and style of photography as a whole.

However, sometimes we are trapped with the suggestion saying that being creative is not a gift for everyone and that we may not be included into that group of creative people. This belief is not entirely correct as sometimes it only takes small courage and willingness to do experiments in order to create a unique and creative concept for our photography.

There are indeed a number of simple techniques that we could use to induce more creativity to our shots. These techniques can be applied with minimum requirements. All you need to have is a bit of courage to do experiments for the application of these techniques.

This article is going to discuss several of these techniques to help you adding more creativity to your photography. Here they are:

Experimenting using exposures – you could use the exposures created by your camera to add unique effects to your shots. You could play with either double exposure or triple exposure, or maybe even both to create awesome effects. You can get as creative as you could when playing with exposures.

Playing with shutter speed – you could also play with your shutter speed. Each and every speed your shutter has would add different effect to your shots, so try to get creative by increasing and decreasing the shutter speed of your camera. Don’t get trapped with common belief stating that fast shutter is best for portraits while slow shutter is only applicable when taking pictures of landscapes. Why not using slow shutter to capture portraits instead? There’s no limitation to your creativity when it comes to playing with shutter speed.

Using objects between you and your subject – you could put a transparent and see-through object between you and your subject and experiment with the effects it creates. It’s true that the best object to be used in this experiment would be transparent ones as they allow you to keep getting clear picture of the subject, but why not experimenting with some solid objects as well? As a photographer Kent, you are expected to always come with something new up your sleeves so experimenting with this technique would be a great opportunity for you to start practicing.

Trying new photography style – a photography style you choose to focus on should not be the end of your creativity, as you could actually dive into another and combine it with your own style. There’s no right or wrong in photography anyway, so you are free to express yourself regardless on the photography style you choose.

Those are four techniques to add more creativity to your work as a photographer Kent. If you need more reference on those, you could contact David Burke Photography for more examples of the perfect combination between creativity and photography.

Tips for Preparing for Your First Job as a Wedding Photographer Leicester

wedding photographer LeicesterAs a wedding photographer Leicester, you need to be all prepared to work on any occassion. There are a number of events that could hire you to take some photos of them, including weddings, seminars, and birthday parties. Each type of event would have each own challenges and difficulties. Therefore, it is important that you learn about what event you are hired for through a series of pre-event consultation with the client.

The following are some tips that you need to confirm with your client ahead of an event photoshoot session:

  1. Confirm the list of shots that you are obliged to take

This list is not merely made for fun. It represents the client’s expectations upon you. By providing the list of shots to be taken during the event, the client expects that you could at least put more focus on those key moments while they take place, and add more extra shots of other moments as your secondary objective.

This list could be delivered in form of a printed version or sent via email to you. Either way, you should take this list very seriously as it contains things that could at least satisfy your client. Not doing the tasks in the list will not only disappoint the client, but also risk your future career as a photographer.

  1. Confirm about the deliverables of the photoshoot upfront

it is important to know what the clients expect you to deliver before you attend the event and start your photoshooting session. This is a small detail that could make a huge difference. You don’t want your client be disappointed while receiving your printed photo album, while they expect you to upload the photos online, right?

Make sure that you are capable of delivering what your client asks you for. If you think you are not equipped with proper printing equipment, it is not recommended for you to offer including printed photo album to your final package of deliverables.

  1. Make sure that you know the venue beforehand

Before starting a photoshoot session in an event, it is much better if you already know the venue of the event well. This allows you to understand which spots could give the best lighting and, thus, best results. You could ensure that you have adequate knowledge about the venue by visiting the venue before the day of the event.

4. Make sure that all your equipment is ready to go

always double check all your equipment at most two days before the photoshoot session, as that will give you enough time to look for any replacement should any of your equipment does not work well. It would also allow you to prepare yourself using the equipment you are going to use during the event.

Those are four tips that a wedding photographer Leicester could follow to prepare himself upon an event photoshoot. Make sure that you could do all the tips above, or come visit Oliver Kershaw Photography for more great tips.

Perks of Being a Wedding Photographer Andover

wedding photographer AndoverThe job of a wedding photographer Andover compares to none. It is not often times that you get to hear people talk about being in a profession they love or being in a profession that allows them have a reasonable amount of personal time and working time. If there is one profession that smoothly mixes all these together, it will be that of the wedding photographer.

Now, what does the wedding photographer actually do? Let’s start with the angle of photography. Photography is a process or a form art whereby images are produced through the use of light and energy on a sensitive surface. Photography has undergone a lot of changes ever since it came into existence. From film to digital and now DSLR cameras.

The second thing to consider is the wedding. What is a wedding? A wedding is a process or an act of solemnizing a relationship. This can be done through festivities in which close or loved ones of the couple are invited to witness the occasion.

When you combine these two definitions together, you arrive at wedding photography. Wedding photography is the art or process of capturing images of a couple’s union. The wedding photographer is the channel through which wedding photography can be done.

Now, going by the important role the photographer has to play during a wedding, what are the perks the photographer in turn receives?

Witness a happy occasion

Any opportunity you get to witness happiness or spread joy is one that should be cherished. The wedding photographer Andover might be a stranger to the couple but at the same time, no one else can have your back like the photographer. The photographer comes with the primary motive of capturing images for your perusal after the event of the wedding but at the same time, they get to witness the union between you and someone you consider dear.

It is rare to find a wedding photographer who honestly does not believe in the significance of weddings. Most photographers understand the importance of such an occasion and are always eager to help a couple capture the special memories that come with it.

Help a couple record their moments

Without the presence of a wedding photographer Andover, it is quite safe to assume that wedding pictures that couples cherish years after the wedding will not be possible to attain. Weddings brought about the need for wedding photographers and in turn the responsibility placed on the wedding photographer also resulted in them creating diverse styles and methods that satisfy the need of the couple. As a result, a wedding couple is able to choose amongst a variety of wedding photography styles the one that is preferable to them.

The wedding couple can have their wedding pictures taken in the documentary style, reportage style, fine art style or natural style all depending on personal preference. Not a lot of individuals who have no prior experience in photography are able to deliver on this. With the multiple options available, the couple is able to get their wedding memories captured in a way they prefer.

For more information on the wedding photographer Andover, visit Danish Apple Photography.

The Many Roles a Wedding Photographer Andover Can Expect to Play as a Business Owner

What is business?

wedding photographer AndoverAny activity that involves earning a living for yourself or making money through the process of buying and selling of goods and services. Therefore, as a wedding photographer Andover who owns their business, the definition relates to you in the sense that through the act of providing photography services for wedding couples, you are trying to generate income for yourself to maintain a certain standard of living. However, if you are a business owner, earning a living is not the only thing you are concerned with.

You also need to consider the fact that the survival of your business lies on your shoulders. If you fail to act in the right capacity, not only does your business suffer, your source of income is also affected. So, what can be expected of you as a business owner:

  • Act as manager

A manager is also considered to be an administrator of some sorts. He or she is in charge of the affairs of the business. You have resources at your disposal and at your discretion, you are expected to allocate the resources to areas in which they are needed. You are also expected to ensure the effective maximization of these resources to reduce the chances of wastage. The direction that the business ought to take in its operations is also something that has to be decided by you. Therefore, you can consider yourself to be a strategist as well.

  • Act as an accountant

As the owner of the business, you need to be on top of the expenses incurred and income generated over the course of your activity as a wedding photographer Andover. It is quite easy to lose track of which expense head piled up to a certain amount or if a certain client is owing a certain amount of money. Also, to prevent spending above your pocket, you will need to budget and keep track of all expenses and income the business has.

Keeping a budget is best practice as it helps you have a benchmark for monitoring actual expenditure and income. You can then decide if certain things about your operations need to be tweaked in order to reduce the expense you constantly incur and also generate income from other sources.

  • Act as marketer

You own a business that is still struggling to kickoff and as a result funds are a little tight meaning you cannot afford corporate advertising. Therefore, the job of creating awareness of your activities and what you can offer to client falls on your shoulders. From creating awareness campaigns on social media to sharing fliers about your services to your neighbors, all this falls on you.

  • Act as customer service representative

When a client has a complaint to make or a curious visitor has an enquiry to make who do they come to? Definitely you! Therefore, you will have to be the ambassador of your company. No other person is at a better position than you to answer all the queries a client might have or take care of the complaints.

For more on the responsibilities of a wedding photographer Andover, visit Danish Apple Photography

Secrets to a Successful Wedding Photography Website

wedding photographyFor a photography enthusiast or professional wedding photographer, creating a portfolio of their work is very important. With a portfolio, they are bale to display and showcase original works done by them. They are also able to keep proper records of their growth as a photographer and see their evolution. The portfolios can also be shared amongst colleagues, friends, clients or just serve as a record keeper of sorts.

Thanks to the diverse ways in which portfolios can be used, there has been an increase in the demand for photography websites that make it easy for photographers to display their portfolio and interested individuals can also access them. Through art and media, the photographer not only gets the opportunity to have a gallery of his own works but is also at liberty to express his creativity in whatever form he chooses. Hence, you can easily come across a wedding photography website for Mark Quinn that utilizes business and art culture in creating and sharing wedding photographs.

In present day, the business of photography has evolved to the point that it caters to the ever-changing needs of clients. With the existence of photography websites, the process of accessing valuable information is made easy. The curiosity which potential clients have about the photographer and the types of work he does or has engaged can be satisfied by simply browsing through the site of the photographer. Also, updates and real time information regarding the photographer’s activities can be conveyed.

Another important thing to note about a wedding photography site is that its existence builds a strong medium by which clients and professional photographers can interact. The photographer is also able to build a strong network and create a following of his works. If you hope to remain relevant in the trade of photography, then it is highly essential that you stay ahead of the competition.

Photography like any other business is competitive.

The simple act of owning a website and making continuous updates on your works can go a long way in keeping you ahead of your closest competitor. It also keeps you in the eye of the general public making it hard for them to forget you. You also let your client know that you are aware of latest trends and whatever their needs are, you can help deliver on them.

The presence of a photography website is also a perfect marketing strategy to attract new clients, and also keep the already existing ones interested in your works. Never make the mistake of assuming the upload of stock images on your website will do the trick. If you are going to own a website then make sure:

  • The name of the website is catchy. If not catchy, at least make it memorable. It must correspond with your business name and should also be the same as your domain name. The right name for your website can help increase traffic to it.
  • Create a simple interface for the website. Ensure that it is easily navigable and does not require a lot of time to load.

How to Create a Timeline for Your Wedding Photography Northern Ireland

wedding photography Northern irelandA timeline for your wedding photography Northern Ireland venue is something that may not have crossed your mind when you’re planning your wedding. But it is actually a very important document that your wedding photographer may ask from you to make sure that all the important moments will be captured.

What is the use of a wedding photography timeline?

A wedding photography timeline is a detailed list of the photography moments that you want your wedding photographer to capture, but to create this list, you need to determine what is more important to you, and who among your guests are top priorities than most. When your wedding is done, you would want to look at the photos from your special day and look back to that priceless day when you tied the knot with the one you love most. You would want every significant turn of events to be documented, and you can make this happen with a photography timeline.

Breaking down the factors for wedding photography timeline

Of course, the best wedding photography Northern Ireland professional photographer can create for you do not necessarily need a photography timeline, but having one will make the job easier and clearer.


Preparation for the wedding usually takes hours to complete especially for the bridal entourage, and so you need to decide how important photos of preparation are to you. Suggested time for preparation photography is at the last hour, when everyone is finishing up their makeup and donning their outfits. This is also the perfect time to take photos of the dress, rings, shoes, and most especially the best time to capture heightened emotions when the bride gathers in a room with crying mom and teary-eyes dad, and other relatives and friends fussing around the bride in her final singlehood hours.

First look

First look photo is quite essential for couples, but you need to decide if you want to follow tradition and have your first look when the wedding ceremony starts, or do you want your first look to be captured right after the wedding gown and the tuxedo were worn.


The wedding ceremony will take an hour or two, and you need to be clear which part of the ceremony do you want your wedding photographer to focus on. The first kiss as husband and wife is the most critical shot to take and must be included in your wedding photography timeline. The wedding photography Northern Ireland photographer can offer you will create a documentation of your love story as it begins with the exchange of “I Do’s.


Portraits as newlyweds are imperative, but you need to decide if you want portrait for your whole family and closest friends only, or with the whole guests.


The reception is going to be chaotically fun and happy, and the best wedding photographer who can capture the true essence of celebration of love and unity will offer you the priceless gift of timeless photographs that you will cherish forever. You can help to make magic happen by creating a photography timeline, and the expert wedding photographer in https://michaellove.co/ can definitely help you.

Challenges a Wedding Photographer Leicester Must Face

wedding photographer LeicesterThe job of a wedding photographer Leicester isn’t always everything about those love and kisses. There are also challenges you have to prepare for and many of these challenges can be really annoying! In order to prepare for them, you need to know what they are first.

1. The wannabe guests

There is always that one (or more people) who want to take pictures of everything. It wasn’t enough to go for multiple trips to the photo booth; they also want to have the best spot to take the pictures of the bride and groom walking down the aisle. They want to be there and be able to capture all the pictures of the wedding day. As if they are the wedding photographers.

Well, that’s all great, but the problem is that you also need to be at the right place. And this clash of interest can actually hinder you from doing your job! It can be challenging trying to explain to the excited guests to stand back and let you do your job. Everyone is just too excited and you really have to rush your brain to think of another way!

2. When the weather hates you

There is also the fact that it’s not always sunny and beautiful in every wedding party. There are also weddings during the rainy and gloomy day and you just happened to be hired to shoot on those days. Trying to take happy, romantic pictures under such weather can be challenging. It can really leave an impact on all the pictures as a whole if the ambient is rather gloomy.

This is a rather common thing once you’ve worked long enough. So, what you need to do is to be prepared whenever you know the weather forecast has predicted so. Having the equipment ready in your car is also preferable because the weather can be extreme in some areas.

Don’t think of this as a challenge, but a chance! If you succeed to capture amazing pictures under such weather, you will be able to use them as your portfolios! For a wedding photographer Leicester, it’s important to be able to do so. For example, you can check some of the portfolios by Oliver Kershaw Photography and can possibly see that Oliver is a professional based on the variety of weather there.

3. Shenanigans of clients

Different clients have different attitudes and requests. Many of them are very worrisome and resort to reading a lot about preparing a wedding party, wants everything to be perfect and happens at exactly the moment they want to be. That’s a borderline perfectionist, actually, but the point is, every client is different. And because of that, you might feel overwhelmed by them.

Some clients can ask you to do the weirdest thing and you know that nothing good will come out of that. Others may end up being totally carefree, leaving you clueless if what you’re doing is according to what your client wants. When all these happen, it’s important to have a proper conversation about how you work as a wedding photographer Leicester and what your clients need to avoid any misunderstanding and missing pictures.

4 Ways to Judge a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Properly

Hertfordshire wedding photographerIs there a way to know the capability of a Hertfordshire wedding photographer? Most of the time, we don’t have a chance to try our wedding photographers until the wedding rehearsal or during our engagement session. Even so, you can only test one photographer. Most people don’t change their decisions by then because they are already tied to the contract.

That leaves you the chance to do it before signing the contract. But, how?


We are pretty sure that all you look through the potential candidates’ sites for their portfolios. You want to look at how good they are and what kind of styles they use. Photographers upload their best works there to attract visitors and impress people of what they are capable of.

This is a good place to start. Because what they upload are the best ones, you can definitely pinpoint which one has the best and the style that you prefer the most. But there is also a drawback to this. Because of the fact that the photographers only upload the good ones, you most probably won’t be able to expect how your wedding album will turn out to be.

Wedding album

The photographer’s actual skill is seen from a complete wedding album of his original work. You need to ask the photographer to bring a wedding album that shows his whole work. You will then be able to properly judge if you will really like the photographer’s actual work. Some people can get disappointed when they just sign the contract only to see your pictures that way.

There is a Hertfordshire wedding photographer from www.catherinepound.com that we would love to recommend you. We are very sure that you won’t be disappointed with this photographer’s actual work.

Interview the photographer

The next step is to interview the photographer to know the kind of person you will be working with. It doesn’t have to feel like you are being formal and interviewing them as if you are opening a job application. Keep it casual like talking to a new friend. Find out about her experience and her style of shooting wedding pictures.

See if the photographer does things the way you are comfortable with and take pictures the way you want him to. There are times when you imagine your pictures after looking at his portfolios, but the results are different from what you expected. If there’s any particular expectation you harbor, tell the photographer about it.


The best wedding photographer is the type that is dedicated to working only for you at that particular time. That refers to photographers who don’t just take up as many jobs as possible but consider the fact that he might be too distracted and may compromise in quality.

Your Hertfordshire wedding photographer should be doing no more than 60 weddings a year as that would be too much even for a professional. Don’t hesitate to ask this as a professional wedding photographer will be confident to tell you about it. On the other hand, you also need to have a fixed date to be able to ask this question to them.

The Best Wedding Photography Tips for Capturing the Big Day

Jacksonville fl wedding photography Thinking of trying your hand at Jacksonville fl wedding photography? Well you may need more than just verve and passion. A wedding day can be hectic, demanding and stressful. With the rollercoaster of moments and emotions, even the best wedding photographers need a lot of planning and foresight to capture the moments. But, that does not mean it does not have its rewards as well.

So, regardless of whether you have already shot a wedding or two, or you are looking to improve your art, or you want to dabble your toes in wedding photography, these tips can be of help. Pros and newbies will welcome the tips we have enlisted below:

  • #1: Understand your gear

Apart from the shoot button on your camera, are you familiar with the other buttons or dials on your camera? Note that there is no such thing as being too knowing as knowledge never hurt anyone. You can have different camera with differing features but that is not going to do you any good if you do not know how to use what you have.

So, the better you understand the limitations of your gear and its best features, the easier it will be for you to shoot the events in the way you desire. For example, you need to know the best lenses for certain situations, how long the battery of your camera will last and how many spare batteries or cameras you will need on hand. Also, never underestimate the number of photographs you can fit into the memory card of your camera.

While still on the issue of understanding you gear, it is highly important that you have backups of items that need them. You do not want to ruin someone’s special event just because you did not have a contingency plan in place for a malfunctioning camera or full memory card.

  • #2 Do your research on the location with the couple

Chances are when the wedding couple approaches the Jacksonville fl wedding photography such as http://www.sarahheddenphotography.com/ , certain things such as wedding location has already been decided upon. So, for you the wedding photographer, it is your job to ask the wedding couple to explain more about the venue of the wedding and things you should take note of. Information gotten from the couple can go a long way in helping you cover the wedding.

Never make the mistake of assuming that all wedding venues are more or less the same as you will be doing the wedding couple a disservice and setting yourself up for unprecedented situations. So, when discussing with the couple, take note of everything including the personality of the couple and the details they mention.

After meeting with the couple, you can also request to visit the venue and speak to the wedding planner to learn everything you can about the place you will be shooting in. Some weddings can be indoors while others can be outdoors and these settings require different approaches during the Jacksonville fl wedding photography. The more prepared you are, the lesser the chances of being blindsided by the layout of the wedding venue.

Special Themed Wedding Photography: Everything You Need to Know

wedding photography ScotlandMost weddings are themed; be it a garden or a luxury, Gatsby wedding theme. However, there are also couples, just like you, who wanted to do it a little more differently. You want your wedding photography Scotland to be filled with the color of your favorite hero. Or perhaps, you want to sprinkle a little magic into the room because you love Hogwarts.

Either way, there’s nothing wrong with knowing that there are certain things that you need to know if special is what you want.


Many people would consider it as an alternative if it influences how you want your wedding to proceeds. If that’s how it is, you might as well put alternative wedding photographer into your search box. If you simply want to change the look of the wedding, keep going.

None is the same

Although weddings with unique themes aren’t rare anymore, the theme of each of that wedding is often different from each other. Aside from the occasional Harry Potter and Disney stories fans, there are many other themes that a photographer might have never seen before.

Because of this, it’s important that you discuss things out with your photographer in through. You need to be detailed about how your wedding is going to be like and what you want to see. Being detailed in how you want some pictures to turn out is also a good idea.

You can also send some references to your theme to give your photographer some time to think of ideas to use. Since these ideas are born from the photographer’s imagination based on the references, it might not go in line with what you want and that’s why you need to set up a lot of meetings.

A professional that we know will easily comply with your request in wedding photography Scotland is www.blackfoxphotography.co.uk. He’s not called one without a reason; the ability to adapt and understand fully his client’s wishes are his forte.


Because of the unique factor of specially themed weddings, it will take more time for the photographer to finish editing the pictures. It has to be coupled with the photographer’s ability to imagine it when taking the pictures. This won’t be a problem if both of you had talked about this properly before the wedding.

Let your photographer show you the progress of the pictures and be active to comment about it. This will keep the process at the right pace and save both of you the time of having to re-edit the pictures.

Because of the nature of the theme, ask your photographer to tell you a realistic time-range needed to finish editing those pictures.

Professional photographer

Remember that above all, you need a professional photographer that will take pictures of the day without missing a thing. It’s important that the photographer isn’t just good at editing pictures, but also know how to take an excellent one without relying on editing tools. Overediting pictures are one of the weaknesses on photographers that have to deal with themed wedding photography Scotland.

4 Destination Wedding Photography Tips You Need

wedding photographers Orange CountyPlanning your wedding somewhere far? Destination wedding photographers Orange County is just what you need for the best wedding pictures of that day. And with that, we have 4 important tips you need to remember when planning the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

Plan years ahead

The plan to get married abroad should be at least a few years old. This is especially important because wedding photographers are usually booked years ahead, to begin with. With the location being far away, it has to be planned early and tickets need to be booked.

Confirm the date and location early, so you can get confirmation from your photographer early, too. If you’re planning to have a photographer from the local, find a wedding organizer that is familiar with the area. It’s better to leave the searching to him, and then the decision when you visit the country.

Share about locations with your photographer

After arriving in a foreign country, there must be places that you really want to have some pictures taken. Tell your photographer about those particular places that you want your pictures taken. This will allow them to research in advance about the place.

Once you arrive at the country, make time to bring your photographer over to the wedding venue. Let him explore and set his camera settings to the right one for the place. For a photographer that you’re bringing along, giving them time to prepare is important for your wedding pictures to be executed well.

If you’re hiring a photographer from the country, you don’t have to worry about this as they can visit the location themselves. But if you’re going to bring one of the best wedding photographers Orange County like gilmorestudios.com, this is an important step to take.

What you need to pay

Remember to calculate their accommodation fee into your budget. You will have to pay for their tickets and hotel there. The meal can be discussed between you two and some photographers would do well if they’re just allowed for dinner or lunch on the wedding day.

When planning your budget for a destination wedding, a little tip we can give is to prioritize family members and close friends that you want attending the party together with their accommodation fee. Calculate the fee for vendors, too. Then you begin adding more guests as you wish into the party.

There’s also the fact that not all guests are willing to come on their own accord, so you can ask for the confirmation if they’ll come. Having a better gist of how many people will come will help you decide, for example, the room that you want to rent and the amount of food that should be served.

Visit occasionally

Throughout the years you plan, make frequent visits to the country. Meet up with the organizer and other vendors that you wish to hire. You should also familiarize yourself with the regulations and learn about what you need to do in order to gain the permission to conduct a ceremony in this country.

On the last visit, make sure you arrive at least a week (or more, depending on the regulation) before the wedding day. With your wedding photographers Orange County, scout the location one last time before the wedding day to make sure everything’s in place.

Don’t Think Twice to Get a Professional Wedding Photographer!

wedding photographer CardiffThe issue with hiring the right wedding photographer Cardiff is serious. Some brides who were disappointed with their choice took the issue to the court. On the bottom line, there’s no doubt that this choice is one of the riskiest decision to make. You cannot ‘test’ the photographer.

All you can do is to look at all other aspects to draw one conclusion: is he up to the task as a wedding photographer? While couples are often no professional photographers themselves, it’s always better to stick with a professional rather than risking it just to pay a little less.

Quality isn’t cheap

To deliver the best service, these photographers have to be ready to spend time and energy for you. They will make it a priority to listen to your requests and concerns. They’ll also spend more time when editing your pictures because they want it to really look neat and mesmerizing for you.

They aren’t taking too many jobs, because of that all. Too many would cause their attention to be divided and they might have to compromise on quality. That’s something a professional doesn’t want to do.

Believable portfolios

There’s no way to prove that your photographer did take those pictures himself. It could be taken from others and he simply posted it back up as his. But, it won’t be possible if this photographer has a good reputation for being a professional photographer.

Reputation is something that you have to honestly cultivate, just like how the wedding photographer Cardiff from www.kateadamsphotography.com did. The portfolios you see here are all genuinely hers and edited by her.

Don’t be disappointed

What’s worse than not getting the wedding pictures that you want is to be disappointed with them. It’s still okay to get some decent shots, but some photographers are simply not up to the task and cannot deliver even decent ones. A lot of factors can come into play. The photographer was probably not a well-trained wedding photographer to start with.

There’s also the fact that it might have been a different photographer than the one you’re promised with. Because of this, he wasn’t taking the pictures the way you’ve discussed. Either way, you’re already disappointed and whatever you do can’t bring that time back. Although a refund and compensation would make you feel better.

But then, you don’t have wedding pictures to show-off to others or that you want to keep yourself. You’d need to make another party, which is almost impossible. Which means, you cannot make a mistake when you hire your photographer.

They are overbooked

A professional can be booked for more than 2 years in advance! It’s due to their great reputation that a lot of people are wanting their service for them secured early on. Because of that, you can’t wait longer, especially if your wedding is happening in a year. The chances that the photographer will be available for that day would be slim.

Thinking twice will cause you to lose a capable wedding photographer Cardiff and you’ll have to end up looking for another one!

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