Wedding Photographer Shooting tips

Be early at the event.

The clients will want their wedding photographer to come in early all of the time. Even if the clients don’t really end up requiring this from you as their wedding photographer, it should be the kind of thing that you should more or less require from yourself one way or the other. When you are at an event fairly early, you get some time on your hands and that is enough time for you to get to familiarize yourself around the place as well as figure out all of the best spots for you to go ahead and pose people in during the wedding photography shoot. When you get to know about the wedding venue ahead of time, things will go by smoothly for you and you won’t really have a hard time with pulling things off the right way if you know all of the nooks and crannies of the wedding venue. This is also a pretty good time for you to hit it off with the detailed shots of the wedding venue setup.

wedding photography tipsCheck out the flower arrangements. Check out the unique designs on the name cards on the tables. Check out the candelabras inside the wedding cathedral. There are so many things and details out there for you to go ahead and take advantage of as a wedding photographer and you will have access to all of those things if you take the time to come in early before the wedding.

Be quiet the entire time that you are shooting.

You are there as a wedding photographer, after all. Your job is to make sure that the wedding is documented the right way and not to chat people up the entire time that you are there. You can always go by with less chatter and it is something that you should try to go ahead and minimize as much as possible. When you talk a little too much during the wedding photography shoot, you will end up distracting people somewhere along the way and although you might feel as if you are building rapport, which can turn out to be good, you will also end up taking the focus and attention away from the main reason why people are there in the first place, and that is the actual wedding itself. Try not to talk too much. If you do have to talk at all, make it a point to only talk about the instructions that you are giving out to them. Keep it short and concise and make sure that it is easily understandable. Make sure that you speak at a fairly audible volume but not too much wherein you might already end up sounding a bit obnoxious and boisterous.

Present yourself the right way.

Dress right and aim to always look sharp while you are there as the wedding’s official wedding photographer. Iron your clothes the right way and think about the dress code that is being required from the guests. Try to abide by it as much as possible and make sure that you look professional and business like the entire time that you are there as the kent based wedding photographer.

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