The Different Positions and Postures in Newborn Photography London

newborn photography LondonThere is usually so much joy, emotions and love on the arrival of a new born baby. There’s also so much joy during a new born photography London, it’s the first professional photo shoot session of a new born. Amazing right? However photographing a new born can be quite tasking because you need to be cautious on how to position the baby to get the right portraits.

You should know that the beauty of new born photography London is to capture the new born baby’s innocence, some call it the squishiness of babies. However, you should be very careful in the type of poses and positions you put the baby because babies are very fragile. Ensure the babies are really comfortable in whatever position or pose you decide to put the baby and make sure the parents are also comfortable with such position or pose.

In this article I would be discussing the different poses of new born photography London that might be suitable for a new born photography London session.

The Frog Pose

This pose is basically a classic pose in new born photography London. The frog pose is usually very common among new born photographers in London. The essence of the frog pose is that it highlights the entire baby’s face and the flexibility of the baby, this type of pose, the baby’s legs are placed by the side and the hands clapped under the chin. However only trained professional photographers should do this. The safety and comfort of the baby is very paramount.

The Wrap Pose

This is the type of pose that babies are carefully wrapped in blankets with either both hands wrapped in or out, whichever way. This pose creates so much amazing and sweet portraits as it unveils why babies are called big bundles of joy and gifts to parents.

The Taco Pose

This is somewhat similar to the frog pose because it also shows highlight of the baby’s face, tiny legs and hands. The Taco pose is also referred to as the womb pose and very comfortable for the baby. Just like I earlier said, using Taco pose requires a lot of expertise and experience as the baby’s safety and comfort is very important.

The Side Pose

Just like the name implies, the side pose is laying the baby on his right especially on his right side with his tiny hands under the chin or joined together. Well some parents might think this pose may be boring but I think the aim of this pose is basically to showcase the beautiful and flawless skin of a baby. The baby is usually laid down in blankets or baby wraps that match the colour or skin tone of the baby.

The baby and Siblings Pose

Well this might not necessarily be a pose but to make new born photography complete, the siblings and parents should be given the opportunity to take photos with their new born. This just shows a lot of love and emotions in one photo and can form a very good family portrait.

Well there it is! The five new born photography London positions and poses that are common and suitable to get the perfect new born portraits.

Stephen Bruce Photography would love to be part of your newborn photography London moments, they capture the best moments of all time.

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