How to Have More Fun with a Photobooth

How to Have More Fun with a Photobooth – checked


Many people today seek to hire a photobooth for their events due to its popularity. Yet, anyone can see that it’s getting pretty dull and taking pictures isn’t as hard as before. You can snap high-quality pictures from your phone, so how do you make your photobooth fun again?

Upgrade the picture quality

As you know, the 21st century is well advancing into a day where no one would be walking around Earth without their own smartphone. It’s geared with a lot of capabilities and high-quality camera is just one of it. To compete, you need to be able to serve something of similar caliber first.

Photobooth in the past tend to capture blurry pictures in small sizes. Yet, it was fun for us; the craziness of the people that took the pictures together was irreplaceable. The ‘booth’ is always uniquely a box with black cloth that covers the people from outsiders.

But now you can take much better pictures with your crazy friends of higher quality, so your photobooth also needs to kick it up a notch.

Invent the craziness

Crazy is something that people love. So, invent your own craziness in your photobooth. You can provide props for the people to use inside the booth. On the other hand, you can suggest several poses that can be done inside the booth for a certain number of people.

After taking the pictures, add editing feature to the pictures. Let the people put cute and funny stickers on their faces and color the frame of the pictures. Give them something to personalize their pictures. You can also provide guestbooks for your client for people to leave their pictures in.

A great example of creative and high-quality service to hire a photobooth can be seen at You can see all the similar features mentioned here and they are very creative. The provider themselves help the clients to come up with ideas!

Indoor, Outdoor or In-a-box

Don’t be fixated on a single way to take pictures in a photobooth. You can go with the modern way of setting up a camera outdoor or indoor at a strategic spot. Or you can stick to the old fashion way of taking pictures in a photobooth in a box!

Wherever it is, make sure that personalization is possible. For example, if two clients are hiring photobooth service at the same place on different date, how do you make those two different from each other? What can you change from your service that will allow personalization?

Usually, you can discuss with your client about it by changing the location of the pictures taken. However, if it’s a booth, you can alternatively decorate the inside of the booth itself! It should conform to the theme of the party to make it look more memorable and special.

There are a lot of things you can do with a photobooth and it doesn’t have to stuck in a rut of the typical black booth with blurry strips of 3×4 pictures. Use the latest technology if you have to for your idea or go completely different and insane, because if it isn’t, people won’t be as interested to hire a photobooth!

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