4 Things a Headshot Photographer Reading Should Do

headshot photographer ReadingThere are always differences in how we do things and especially with headshot photography, each of us has our own ways with it. The way you direct your clients will be different from other professionals and as long as that works, no problem. But even so, there are 4 things that we really need to remind every headshot photographer Reading about.

We won’t tell you how you should do things, but if you want your headshot sessions to become more enjoyable and your clients to be more satisfied, here’s how.

1. Know what your clients want

The most important thing in headshot photography is to know the purpose of the headshot pictures. What does your client want to see from the headshot? Why did he decide to take one? Has he taken some before and were disappointed with them or was it because it’s been such a long time since the last one?

Be that headshot photographer that knows what to do exactly with the pictures rather than just taking some for the sake of it.

2. Know the different needs

Different clients will have different purposes for having a headshot picture taken. And after knowing what they need the pictures for, know how you should be capturing them. Some might need their pictures to look professional and sophisticated. Some might want to look cheerful and enthusiastic. These are things that clients tend to believe photographers know better.

If you are not sure what to do, however, do not hesitate to ask your client. Some people would rather look professional and all-knowing but ends up taking pictures their clients do not like.

3. Make it a fun session

A headshot photographer Reading that is very good at doing this is a photographer from The Headshot Studio. Your client could be nervous or not sure what to do. He’s relying on your directions, but when things are awkward, you might not be able to get your client to act the way you want him/her to. Making the session something they can enjoy isn’t easy and isn’t always the same for each photographer.

Some people crack up jokes on the spot to let their client relax. Others are smooth talkers and easily make people feel like they’ve known him for years. There might be a way that is more suitable for you but remembers that your aim is to make the client feel comfortable on the set.

4. Keep it moderate

What do we mean with moderation? Some photographers edit their clients’ headshot pictures excessively, making it look extremely different from the original person. Beware, excessive editing is always worse than the original pictures. Headshots are often used to show to people who have never met in person. They will not be happy to see the actual person do not look as good.

What’s worse is that some photographers are not even subtle in editing. Anyone could see that something about it has been altered.

Edit the pictures to eliminate flaws like acne and hairs that stand up, which are temporary. But you cannot alter the shape of the mouth, nose or remove the freckles that the person naturally has. Be a headshot photographer Reading that captures the best of your client, not change him into someone else.

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