Secrets to a Successful Wedding Photography Website

wedding photographyFor a photography enthusiast or professional wedding photographer, creating a portfolio of their work is very important. With a portfolio, they are bale to display and showcase original works done by them. They are also able to keep proper records of their growth as a photographer and see their evolution. The portfolios can also be shared amongst colleagues, friends, clients or just serve as a record keeper of sorts.

Thanks to the diverse ways in which portfolios can be used, there has been an increase in the demand for photography websites that make it easy for photographers to display their portfolio and interested individuals can also access them. Through art and media, the photographer not only gets the opportunity to have a gallery of his own works but is also at liberty to express his creativity in whatever form he chooses. Hence, you can easily come across a wedding photography website for Mark Quinn that utilizes business and art culture in creating and sharing wedding photographs.

In present day, the business of photography has evolved to the point that it caters to the ever-changing needs of clients. With the existence of photography websites, the process of accessing valuable information is made easy. The curiosity which potential clients have about the photographer and the types of work he does or has engaged can be satisfied by simply browsing through the site of the photographer. Also, updates and real time information regarding the photographer’s activities can be conveyed.

Another important thing to note about a wedding photography site is that its existence builds a strong medium by which clients and professional photographers can interact. The photographer is also able to build a strong network and create a following of his works. If you hope to remain relevant in the trade of photography, then it is highly essential that you stay ahead of the competition.

Photography like any other business is competitive.

The simple act of owning a website and making continuous updates on your works can go a long way in keeping you ahead of your closest competitor. It also keeps you in the eye of the general public making it hard for them to forget you. You also let your client know that you are aware of latest trends and whatever their needs are, you can help deliver on them.

The presence of a photography website is also a perfect marketing strategy to attract new clients, and also keep the already existing ones interested in your works. Never make the mistake of assuming the upload of stock images on your website will do the trick. If you are going to own a website then make sure:

  • The name of the website is catchy. If not catchy, at least make it memorable. It must correspond with your business name and should also be the same as your domain name. The right name for your website can help increase traffic to it.
  • Create a simple interface for the website. Ensure that it is easily navigable and does not require a lot of time to load.

Do You Own the Copyrights to Your Wedding Pictures?

natural wedding photographySo, you’ve finally booked your natural wedding photography session? That’s a great thing. Everything seems to be set in motion and going smoothly. With a few bumps here and there, but that’s alright. In a few years’ time, your life will have changed drastically. And you’ll be sitting looking at your wedding album with your favorite person in the world.

Let’s stop at there. Have you ever wondered then, should you lose your wedding album, what are you to do? “I can reproduce them again since I have the digital files, right?”

Well, the problem lies in whether it’s legal to do that. Copyright to pictures that are taken during natural wedding photography by your photographer does not automatically transfer to you just because you paid for them.

Copyright Act

The person who earns the right to the pictures taken in natural wedding photography is the person who took the pictures. It is only transferred to you when it’s stated so on the contract, so it’s time to check the fine print again.

If you’ve signed the contract, that’s okay. You can still negotiate with your photographer and ask him for detailed about this. You’ve paid him after all.

If you haven’t, read the fine print on pace and ask him questions where you’re not clear. Negotiating terms are also possible at this point. After a new deal is made, check the fine print again and make sure that everything is as agreed between the both of you.

Reproducing and posting

This will limit the things you can do with the photographs and digital files you’ve got. They are allowed for private use only, but posting them online, such as Facebook and Instagram, without full consent of the photographer can bring you troubles. Photographers will typically send you a watermarked version of the pictures for you to post anywhere you want, unaltered.

Should the need arise to reproduce the pictures, you will need to contact your wedding photographer about this. In some cases, photographers will want to know the details on why you need to produce them again and proofs to it.

Why are they so insisting? I paid for it!

Photographers want to protect their creative work. When digital files are given to their clients, there’s no telling to what people can do with it. The second you post the pictures online, someone else can be saving it, downloading it and reposting it again. For whatever purpose they use it, only God knows, but without proper mentions or credits, the photographers lose his reputation and means to market his services.

There are also some people who let their pictures be used to be featured in online sites or sold for money. These are acts that breach the contract and unethical business conducts.

However, there are still professional photographers who give full copyrights of the pictures to their clients. Not many of them do this, but they still do this while still asking clients to be kind enough to mention or tag their name on the wedding pictures whenever they are posting online. Some others state that they will give the copyrights after a certain amount of time has passed; it differs between photographers and you are advised to discuss this with your photographer.

When Checking A London Wedding Photographer’s Work

Every London wedding photographer’s work out there is bound to differ one way or the other.

wedding photographer HampshireWhen you are looking at the portfolios of the different wedding photographers out there, make sure that you know what the fine points are so that you don’t end up wasting too much of your time on things that don’t even matter all that much at the end of the day. You need to know what you should be looking for and what you should be aiming for the right way when it all comes down to it. you need to know for a fact that the London wedding photographer’s work is something that impresses you and blows you away completely enough to make you want to book him for what will turn out to be the most important day in your life when it all comes down to it. The fact that you are not an expert or a professional in the field that you are in should not at any point in time hinder you from what you are trying to pull off for the wedding photography coverage of your wedding.

Learn how to identify what the different photography styles are available out there.

This is so you have a bit of an idea about how you should categorize the individual London wedding photographer’s work that you are taking a look at. Going through the aspect of looking at the works of potentially hundreds of candidates can turn out to be a bit overwhelming for someone who has a lot of other things to take care of for the wedding but when you know how to pinpoint right off the bat the photographers that you like based on the photography styles that they specialize in, you will see that your job as a potential client will turn out to be so much easier than you would initially think when it all comes down to it. Keep these in mind whenever you find yourself dreading the aspect of booking a photographer because you have to assess that London wedding photographer’s work to begin with. It doesn’t have to be a painful process and it doesn’t have to eat up all of your time for the wedding prep work process at all. When you know what you are looking for, it will make things so much faster to have to go through with at the end of the day.

Appreciate the beauty and the technical prowess that comes along with post shoot editing.

This is something that photographers tend to be quite proud of and they have every right to be. It is not easy and it is very time consuming and only the truly experienced and skilled will be able to go ahead and pull it off in all of the right ways after all has been said and done. This is also something that you can easily see in the London wedding photographer’s work that you are reviewing. There is something very polished and nothing short of magical when post production is done right in the photos.

Interesting Life Hacks For A Surrey Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer based in Surrey should keep out of the way as much as possible to be effective.

surrey wedding photographerYou have to understand that when it comes to this particular profession, you don’t really have to be up front and center all of the time. As a matter of fact, the more you will be able to stay out of other people’s way, the better it will be both for you and for them. For you, staying out of the way will allow you to get your shots done in and to capture what you would really like to go ahead and capture from the vantage point of the keen observer and outsider. Candids are very easy to pull off and you will be able to really capture the essence of the moments as they pass by or as they occur during the wedding. On the other hand, this will work out well for other people because the long and short of it is that they came to the wedding event not to see you. They came so that they can show their love and support for the bride and groom who are joining their lives together. The less you bother them, the better it will always turn out to be for them when it all comes down to it.

Don’t give people a heads up when you are taking photos.

Taking people by surprise is at times the best way for you to go, especially if you are trying to capture the authenticity of the emotions being felt by the subjects of your photos during that particular moment. When you give people a heads up that you are about to go ahead and get their photos taken, this gives them a few seconds to actually prepare for the shot. They will try to arrange their hair, or prepare their poses right then and there. It will be next to impossible for you to produce authentic looking pictures the entire time that you are working there and it will defeat the purpose of a reportage approach in the first place. Try to wait for people to get distracted and fully immersed in the moment before you go ahead and sneak in your shots somewhere along the way.

Go for a quiet shutter.

A shutter that goes off with that annoying clicking sound every single time you try to take a shot can be a bit annoying at times and this can really clue people in on the fact that you are taking photos of them in the first place. The whole point of trying to go incognito as a surrey wedding photographer is to make sure that you get to capture authentic candid shots while you are there. You won’t be able to do that if your shutter sounds clue them on every single time you press that button. Set it to quiet so that you can work in peace.

Try not to talk at all as a wedding photographer.

Talking can ruin the moment and it can take them away from what’s actually happening during a particular time.

A Methodical Approach To Wedding Photography

Prep work

wedding photographyPreparation is the key to success, to practically anything and everything, not just in wedding photography. If you would like to make sure that your wedding photography shoot will turn out to be a success with little to no hangups in between or all throughout the process that you are shooting, make sure that you get to lay out well made plans ahead of time. Although this sounds like so much work to have to go through with in the beginning, the truth to it is that it will actually save you so much time and hassle during the actual wedding shoot. Line out your preparation plan for the wedding photography coverage and make sure that you get to cover all bases as much as possible. It is always better to have your plans mapped out on paper. This way, you have something tangible to follow through on the entire time that you are there during the wedding photo shoot. As a professional in wedding photography, you need to go out of your way to make sure that nothing catches you unawares and that you will always have something to back you up one way or the other.

Work flow

The best laid plans will all be futile and made in vain if you don’t have an efficient and fast work flow going for you in your wedding photography tasks. This is the next phase of your work plan that you need to pay attention to as well. You need a work flow that is fast and efficient but more importantly, you need it to be able to replicate it somewhere along the way. What most people new to wedding photography do not seem to understand is the fact that they will be crunched for time almost every step of the way. It can be easy to feel nervous or panicky about stuff if you haven’t really laid out a step by step work flow for it beforehand. However, if you know what step comes next, you will always be able to follow through on things with the least possible hassle when it all comes down to it. Establishing a work flow will allow you to thrive in consistency in what you do as a professional wedding photographer and that is something that you will always be able to look forward to at the end of the day.

Post processing

This is hands down the most time consuming part of the service. You will be sifting through batch after batch of photos and you will need to touch up on each and every single one of them. You will also need to make sure that they are arranged chronologically so that people will be able to follow through on a progression of the wedding event that happened, similar to watching how a movie pans out. You will be on a time crunch the moment that the wedding party is over. You need to go out of your way to work as fast but as methodically as you can and minimize distractions while you are at it.

When Working with a Wedding Planner as a Wedding Photographer

Confirm if there’s a dress code

wedding photography tipsIf you have anything to confirm, from the guest count, to the required dress code from you as a wedding photographer, and so on and so forth, make it a point to get in touch with the wedding planner of the wedding. If the couple hired a wedding planner to get the wedding preparations under way, then that should be a pretty good sign for you not to bother the bride and the groom all that much the entire time that you are prepping up for the wedding photo shoot and even during the time that you are doing so when it all comes down to it. Make it a point to reach out to the wedding planner whenever you have a need for her. The wedding planner is there so that she can serve as the medium or conduit of communication between you and the clients.

Although the major decisions should still be directly communicated with the clients, keep the petty little details and questions on the down low and address them to the wedding planner instead. This way, you don’t end up wasting your clients’ time and you don’t end up bothering them all that much while you are at it. The guest count is extremely important and as a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you get to know about it. This will give you an idea about what kind of team you should bring along with you and how many people you should be taking with you to help you cover the wedding.

Tap into the wedding planner for your networking needs as well.

The wedding planner knows everyone that has anything to do with the wedding. They say that it really does take a village to bring a wedding into reality and this really is the case for the wedding vendors that you will need to deal with when it all comes down to it. If you reach out to the wedding planner, there is a pretty good chance that she has an entire folder devoted to collated lists of the wedding vendors alone. This is an easy way for you to get in touch with everyone that you have worked with during the wedding. When you are writing up a blog entry about a particular wedding coverage, you need to make sure that you include a vendors list section as well. This is a great way for you to reach out to the vendors to notify them that you have them featured in your blog. They will most likely share it to the rest of their followers and audience as well. This will expand your blog’s reach and this will get your blog on the map. A great site to emulate is You will be able to reach out to readers in ways that you probably would not initially expect and it is something that will all work out for you in the end.

Always loop the wedding planner if there are any changes that you would like to implement as a wedding photographer.

There will be last minute changes somewhere along the way, and there are certain calls that you will need to make as a professional wedding photographer. You need to make sure that you loop the wedding planner in on everything because she is usually on top of everything else.

Wedding Photographer Shooting tips

Be early at the event.

The clients will want their wedding photographer to come in early all of the time. Even if the clients don’t really end up requiring this from you as their wedding photographer, it should be the kind of thing that you should more or less require from yourself one way or the other. When you are at an event fairly early, you get some time on your hands and that is enough time for you to get to familiarize yourself around the place as well as figure out all of the best spots for you to go ahead and pose people in during the wedding photography shoot. When you get to know about the wedding venue ahead of time, things will go by smoothly for you and you won’t really have a hard time with pulling things off the right way if you know all of the nooks and crannies of the wedding venue. This is also a pretty good time for you to hit it off with the detailed shots of the wedding venue setup.

wedding photography tipsCheck out the flower arrangements. Check out the unique designs on the name cards on the tables. Check out the candelabras inside the wedding cathedral. There are so many things and details out there for you to go ahead and take advantage of as a wedding photographer and you will have access to all of those things if you take the time to come in early before the wedding.

Be quiet the entire time that you are shooting.

You are there as a wedding photographer, after all. Your job is to make sure that the wedding is documented the right way and not to chat people up the entire time that you are there. You can always go by with less chatter and it is something that you should try to go ahead and minimize as much as possible. When you talk a little too much during the wedding photography shoot, you will end up distracting people somewhere along the way and although you might feel as if you are building rapport, which can turn out to be good, you will also end up taking the focus and attention away from the main reason why people are there in the first place, and that is the actual wedding itself. Try not to talk too much. If you do have to talk at all, make it a point to only talk about the instructions that you are giving out to them. Keep it short and concise and make sure that it is easily understandable. Make sure that you speak at a fairly audible volume but not too much wherein you might already end up sounding a bit obnoxious and boisterous.

Present yourself the right way.

Dress right and aim to always look sharp while you are there as the wedding’s official wedding photographer. Iron your clothes the right way and think about the dress code that is being required from the guests. Try to abide by it as much as possible and make sure that you look professional and business like the entire time that you are there as the kent based wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer In Lancashire Tips

Have the right mindset

wedding photographyIt’s important for a wedding photographer based in Lancashire to have the right kind of mindset all the time and this is what you should constantly strive for when you have weddings to shoot. When you look at this as just another day in the job, it can be very easy to get burned out and uninspired. You need to be careful about the mindset that you are bringing to each and every single wedding photo shoot that you go ahead and cover because this is something that will really get to have an effect on the quality of photos that you will be able to produce in the long run.

Make sure that you always get things like these checked out as much as possible.

Don’t look at it as just another usual run in the mill. It should not be like that. Think of it more as another step towards progressing in your career. Each and every single wedding photo shoot you hold brings you a notch up in terms of your experience, skill, technique, and adds in another entry for your portfolio as a skilled and professional wedding photographer and that is something that is always worth reminding yourself of every single time you are about to come in as someone’s official wedding photographer. Remind yourself of this all of the time so that you never end up losing perspective.

Prepare a white sheet when you have an outdoor shoot to prepare for.

This can really help make things easier for the bride. The main issue with shooting outdoors is the fact that when it all comes down to it, there is the constant possibility of bad weather. Sure, you can always put canopy tents up and the like but it surely will make things a little less convenient for the bride aka that one of the two man people in the wedding that is all decked out in white. The ground might turn out to be a little too wet or muddy for comfort and it runs the risk of ruining the white wedding dress. This is something that you seriously need to anticipate. Bringing a roll of white waterproof and weatherproof sheet along with you that you can lay out on the ground for the bride to step on will help out a lot when it comes to making the bride a little more trusting with posing outdoors. Brides are very particular with their wedding dresses and how they are treated so bringing a sheet along that you can roll out for her will be highly appreciated at the end of the day.

Stay calm and don’t give in too much to your emotions.

A professional wedding photographer based in Lancashire will always keep things under wraps and assure the clients that everything will work out fine. A true professional will know how to control excitement, dismay, frustration, and all of the other extreme emotions out there that might startle people a little bit. Keep in mind that your main goal is to stay in the background as much as possible. You will not be able to do that if you are all over the place with your emotions.

When Getting Feedback As A Wedding Photographer

Always aim to get feedback for what you do as a wedding photographer.

wedding photographerGet it straight from your clients. You will never really know what your clients think of your performance or of your level of expertise and photography style if you don’t go ahead and ask them about it at the end of the day. You need something to help you out somewhere along the way. You will only be able to do this if you actually hear about how you were able to fare from your recent wedding coverage. There will always be varying perspectives and opinions going around. Some might like the kind of work that you do while some might not. What you need to understand though is that at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters and should matter to you is the kind of opinion that the client has when it all comes down to it. Do not be afraid or too timid when it comes to getting the client’s opinion about the final output of your work. The worst that can come out of it is a learning experience that you will be able to use to improve your technique and your photography style as a professional wedding photographer.

Don’t be overly sensitive with the things that you hear.

If you are quick to get offended, this might impede your progress in your career as a wedding photographer. If you ask for feedback, be prepared to hear some unsavory things every now and then. This is not something that you should take personally as a wedding photographer though. Keep in mind of the fact that when it all comes down to it, what they are criticizing are your techniques and strategies and not who you are as a person per se. There is a huge difference when it comes to things like these. Try to learn from what you hear as much as possible. If you can keep a mental note of the things that you need to work on or improve on as a wedding photographer, it can really help you out a lot. If you can list these actual items down so that you have something tangible to remind you, it will be even so much better. Actively work on what you can work on and things should look up eventually.

Get two cents of friends

Try to get the two cents of your wedding photographer friends as well or the other vendors you know in the wedding industry that you have managed to make friends with. It is always great if you have a nice group of like minded individuals coming together to share ideas and opinions. Reach out to the wedding photography community in your area and start making friends. The feedback that you will be able to get from these people will be tremendous.

How to Go Unnoticed as a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyOne thing that can really make you effective and efficient as a wedding photographer whenever you are out there and shooting weddings is your ability to make yourself somewhat invisible from the rest of the crowd. If you stand out too much as a wedding photographer, the people that you are taking photos of will notice you and might feel a bit self conscious during the process. This is something that can really show in the photos that are being produced so the less attention that you get to attract to yourself, the better it will turn out to be a the end of the day.

Try to see if you can blend in with the rest of the crowd.

As a wedding photographer, it is quite wrong to think of yourself as someone who is an exception to the rule when it comes to the dress code that the couple has mandated for their wedding. Call your clients ahead of time to find out about what the dress code is and do your best to adhere to that said dress code during the time that you are trying to attend the wedding. This will make things so much easier for you to pull off as a wedding photographer and this will make you a bit difficult to spot from the crowd during the time that you are shooting your wedding. Try to go with the basic stuff. You can accessorize every now and then but make sure that you keep it fairly simple so that you don’t stand out too much and end up attracting any unnecessary attention. As a  wedding photographer, your job should be in the background and should not be to hog the limelight. Keep that in mind whenever you are in the process of trying to figure out what to wear to the wedding. You are there to shoot and you are not a guest but it sure does help make your job easier if you are dressed like one.

Go out of your way to make people feel comfortable.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be a good conversationalist to be a good wedding photographer. As a matter of fact, the less you speak or the less noise you make, the better it will be because then, people won’t really feel all too pressured with regards to coming up with some kind of a response or a reply to what you are saying. Make it easy for them by having an easy going disposition all throughout the wedding. Smile a lot, if you can help it. Having to smile all the time can be a bit tiring at first but you will soon see that it is something that can really grow on you. You just need to be patient enough to have a go at it at the end of the day. Be polite in everything that you do and say, if you absolutely need to say anything. Keep your tone engaging and friendly as much as possible and go out of your way to create a somewhat relaxed environment during the wedding photo shoot. That way, people won’t feel as if they are being pressured to do something or to go into anything that they really aren’t all that comfortable in pulling off.

Why Social Media is Important to Wedding Photographers

Social media is a force to be reckoned with.

wedding photographyIt is something that professional wedding photographers in the industry should really be looking out for at the end of the day. Social media has evolved so much and has changed so much over the years. More and more people are actually getting into it and are realizing the marketing value that it can bring to both businesses and professionals alike. This is something that you should really attempt to know about and at least be an expert in at some point or so in your career. So many businesses and other enterprising individuals have gained more clients and have drummed up more business in general through the strategic use of social media. If you haven’t been doing the same before, you might as well start right now. There is a pretty good chance that you may already have your social media profiles up for your career or profession because you see other wedding photographers doing it. But there are actually a lot of other reasons why you should give it particular importance.

Social media is for free.

It is the perfect venue for people to reach out to you and for you to do the same to them in a kind of way or manner that is almost instantaneous. When someone pings you, you get the message right away the moment that you open up your profiles, and it works the same for them the other way around. This means that getting in touch with people has never been faster or easier and it’s all relatively for free. This is a kind of privilege that you should attempt to go ahead and take advantage of all across the board. It is also perfect for you to reach out to the other vendors in the wedding industry, whether they are fellow wedding photographers, venue owners, florists, and so on and so forth. People can connect better with you through social media. They feel as if they are meeting a real person with the pictures and everything instead of a disembodied and often unemotional email that’s usually all about expanding connections and possible self promotion. So it’s definitely a step up compared to the usual marketing mediums that are being catered to when it all comes down to it.

Social media is also a great place for wedding photographers to promote their blog contents.

Whenever you have new entries up on your blog, make it a point to actually post a teaser of some kind in your social media profiles, just to let your audience know that you have new content up in your blog. It will increase traffic in your blog and that’s always a good thing, regardless of whatever angle you may choose to go ahead and check it out from. People won’t really be all that aware about the new stuff that you have going on in your blog if you don’t work things out on your social media profiles.

Why Wedding Photographers Need to Post Daily

Keep on top of things

wedding photography tipsWhat wedding photographers should learn to do on social media is the skill of being able to keep on top of things as much as possible all of the time. If you would like to gain a fairly strong social media following, you need to start working on posting every single day, even during times wherein you don’t feel like going online. It is a kind of commitment that you will really need to plug yourself into at some point if you want to really extend your brand and if you would like to have that marketing advantage over the rest of all of the other wedding photographers who might turn out to be your competition in the industry these days. Most of the social media platforms out there should make your profiles come out fine if you post about once a day with a  few exceptions. Twitter is a social media platform that you will be able to post several times a day in and it something that will get to work perfectly if you have business announcements, updates, and the like. It can vary depending on the particular social media platform that you are working with but the general rule of thumb is that posting once a day should be more than fine and should suffice.

Keep content relevant

Although wedding photographers are required to post once a day on social media in the hopes of eventually getting a strong following, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to get away with random or sub standard posts. As much as possible, keep your content relevant. If you have decided on a certain theme for your social media profiles, stick to it by all means, even when the going gets tough. The moment that you deviate from your original content theme, it can throw people off a little and it might leave them confused whether or not you are still fairly good profile to follow for anything and everything related to wedding photographers, for example. A certain sense of consistency will make your social media profiles look strong and stable and those are qualities that your followers will be able to really relate with and respect at the end of the day. Do your best to keep things going, even if it means that you will end up doing a little bit more work just for you to guarantee the quality of posts that you are bringing in for the social media feed that you are trying to work on one way or the other.

Share recent blog entries

Feel free to share any recent blog entries you may have put up or any interesting photos that you know might catch the attention of followers. You may also put in news about the wedding photography industry or even what the latest trends are for wedding photographers. When you guarantee great content every single time, your social media profiles will most likely grow and gain traction over time. It might take time but it is certainly something that will work out in the long run.

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