The Many Roles a Wedding Photographer Andover Can Expect to Play as a Business Owner

What is business?

wedding photographer AndoverAny activity that involves earning a living for yourself or making money through the process of buying and selling of goods and services. Therefore, as a wedding photographer Andover who owns their business, the definition relates to you in the sense that through the act of providing photography services for wedding couples, you are trying to generate income for yourself to maintain a certain standard of living. However, if you are a business owner, earning a living is not the only thing you are concerned with.

You also need to consider the fact that the survival of your business lies on your shoulders. If you fail to act in the right capacity, not only does your business suffer, your source of income is also affected. So, what can be expected of you as a business owner:

  • Act as manager

A manager is also considered to be an administrator of some sorts. He or she is in charge of the affairs of the business. You have resources at your disposal and at your discretion, you are expected to allocate the resources to areas in which they are needed. You are also expected to ensure the effective maximization of these resources to reduce the chances of wastage. The direction that the business ought to take in its operations is also something that has to be decided by you. Therefore, you can consider yourself to be a strategist as well.

  • Act as an accountant

As the owner of the business, you need to be on top of the expenses incurred and income generated over the course of your activity as a wedding photographer Andover. It is quite easy to lose track of which expense head piled up to a certain amount or if a certain client is owing a certain amount of money. Also, to prevent spending above your pocket, you will need to budget and keep track of all expenses and income the business has.

Keeping a budget is best practice as it helps you have a benchmark for monitoring actual expenditure and income. You can then decide if certain things about your operations need to be tweaked in order to reduce the expense you constantly incur and also generate income from other sources.

  • Act as marketer

You own a business that is still struggling to kickoff and as a result funds are a little tight meaning you cannot afford corporate advertising. Therefore, the job of creating awareness of your activities and what you can offer to client falls on your shoulders. From creating awareness campaigns on social media to sharing fliers about your services to your neighbors, all this falls on you.

  • Act as customer service representative

When a client has a complaint to make or a curious visitor has an enquiry to make who do they come to? Definitely you! Therefore, you will have to be the ambassador of your company. No other person is at a better position than you to answer all the queries a client might have or take care of the complaints.

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