Tips for Preparing for Your First Job as a Wedding Photographer Leicester

wedding photographer LeicesterAs a wedding photographer Leicester, you need to be all prepared to work on any occassion. There are a number of events that could hire you to take some photos of them, including weddings, seminars, and birthday parties. Each type of event would have each own challenges and difficulties. Therefore, it is important that you learn about what event you are hired for through a series of pre-event consultation with the client.

The following are some tips that you need to confirm with your client ahead of an event photoshoot session:

  1. Confirm the list of shots that you are obliged to take

This list is not merely made for fun. It represents the client’s expectations upon you. By providing the list of shots to be taken during the event, the client expects that you could at least put more focus on those key moments while they take place, and add more extra shots of other moments as your secondary objective.

This list could be delivered in form of a printed version or sent via email to you. Either way, you should take this list very seriously as it contains things that could at least satisfy your client. Not doing the tasks in the list will not only disappoint the client, but also risk your future career as a photographer.

  1. Confirm about the deliverables of the photoshoot upfront

it is important to know what the clients expect you to deliver before you attend the event and start your photoshooting session. This is a small detail that could make a huge difference. You don’t want your client be disappointed while receiving your printed photo album, while they expect you to upload the photos online, right?

Make sure that you are capable of delivering what your client asks you for. If you think you are not equipped with proper printing equipment, it is not recommended for you to offer including printed photo album to your final package of deliverables.

  1. Make sure that you know the venue beforehand

Before starting a photoshoot session in an event, it is much better if you already know the venue of the event well. This allows you to understand which spots could give the best lighting and, thus, best results. You could ensure that you have adequate knowledge about the venue by visiting the venue before the day of the event.

4. Make sure that all your equipment is ready to go

always double check all your equipment at most two days before the photoshoot session, as that will give you enough time to look for any replacement should any of your equipment does not work well. It would also allow you to prepare yourself using the equipment you are going to use during the event.

Those are four tips that a wedding photographer Leicester could follow to prepare himself upon an event photoshoot. Make sure that you could do all the tips above, or come visit Oliver Kershaw Photography for more great tips.

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