Ways to Add Creativity To Your Pictures as a Photographer Kent

photographer KentCreativity is the heartbeat of every photographer Kent. With creativity, we could turn any shot that we take into a unique and valuable one for our clients. That being said, it is important to get creative with our shots and style of photography as a whole.

However, sometimes we are trapped with the suggestion saying that being creative is not a gift for everyone and that we may not be included into that group of creative people. This belief is not entirely correct as sometimes it only takes small courage and willingness to do experiments in order to create a unique and creative concept for our photography.

There are indeed a number of simple techniques that we could use to induce more creativity to our shots. These techniques can be applied with minimum requirements. All you need to have is a bit of courage to do experiments for the application of these techniques.

This article is going to discuss several of these techniques to help you adding more creativity to your photography. Here they are:

Experimenting using exposures – you could use the exposures created by your camera to add unique effects to your shots. You could play with either double exposure or triple exposure, or maybe even both to create awesome effects. You can get as creative as you could when playing with exposures.

Playing with shutter speed – you could also play with your shutter speed. Each and every speed your shutter has would add different effect to your shots, so try to get creative by increasing and decreasing the shutter speed of your camera. Don’t get trapped with common belief stating that fast shutter is best for portraits while slow shutter is only applicable when taking pictures of landscapes. Why not using slow shutter to capture portraits instead? There’s no limitation to your creativity when it comes to playing with shutter speed.

Using objects between you and your subject – you could put a transparent and see-through object between you and your subject and experiment with the effects it creates. It’s true that the best object to be used in this experiment would be transparent ones as they allow you to keep getting clear picture of the subject, but why not experimenting with some solid objects as well? As a photographer Kent, you are expected to always come with something new up your sleeves so experimenting with this technique would be a great opportunity for you to start practicing.

Trying new photography style – a photography style you choose to focus on should not be the end of your creativity, as you could actually dive into another and combine it with your own style. There’s no right or wrong in photography anyway, so you are free to express yourself regardless on the photography style you choose.

Those are four techniques to add more creativity to your work as a photographer Kent. If you need more reference on those, you could contact David Burke Photography for more examples of the perfect combination between creativity and photography.

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